Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (2018)

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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (2018)

Run time: 146 min
Rating: 8.4
Genres: Action,Drama
Director: Mani Ratnam
Writers: n/A
Stars: Arvind Swamy / T.R. Silambarasan / Arun Vijay / Vijay Sethupathi…
Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is a Tamil movie starring Vijay Sethupathi, Arvind Swami and Arun Vijay in prominent roles.
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release Date: 26 Sep 2018 (USA)

10 thoughts on “Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (2018)

  1. What an brilliant work. Perfect star cast and they utilized very well. Brilliant Cinematography and BGM. No lag in any part or scene. Extraordinary performance of the stars. No compromise in any scenes. Jo, Vijaysethupathi, Simbu, Arvind and arun vijay was he best of the bestest performance. Excellent movie of manirathinam for this decade. Thank u so much for this. Enjoyed a lot. Will watch it again?

  2. Powerful characters, good story and pacy screenplay breaks all the expectation. No words can justify this classic…Every scene is important and every characters crafted well…Dont miss it..

  3. Greedy and glorious. Need to mention ARR's music and BGM ( bhoomi bhoomi and Sevandu ponju nenji) ,Santhosh Sivan's Lighting . Gripping narration and some emotional scenes. STR and Vijay Sethupathi Charactes are good Overall it's a Mani Sir's movie. Go for it.

  4. Expectations are high when its a film from Maniratnam and that became the undoing for this film. There is no logic in second half built by director to show the sudden animosity against one another among the siblings. The story could have been much better given the halo of the director. Waste of time

  5. It's really impossible to make a multi-starrer film with a small run time of 2 hours and 25 mins. Mani Ratnam was the Picasso in it. It's a great example for film making.

    Direction: The scenes in this movie were too intense and direction was proportionate to it and was perfectly synced. But, Aishwarya Rajesh's scene of going to prison felt like an unnecessary one and doesn't create any emotions.

    Story: The story in this movie was a perfect example for saying that Karma is Boomerang. The storyline though felt like an old one, the game became brilliant in the second half with a perfect climax.

    Screenplay: The screenplay in the first half doesn't create a great impact, but the entry scenes of all the character was classy. The second half was great, but many questions left unanswered. But climax in it was one of the best climaxes ever had.

    Acting: Arvind Swamy, classy as always did a great job in it. Arun Vijay, great with his work as always. We can surely say that this is the best movie in the career of Simbu and his acting and dialogues are just classy. Vijay Sethupathi, who scores the full marks with the great one liners and yet another classy performance after Vikram Vedha. All the female leads done a great job. But comparatively Jyothika had more screen space than any other actress.

    Dialogues: All the dialogues were awesome especially of Arvind Swamy and proved it as a classy writing.

    Music and BGM: This was really an interesting BGM which is suitable to the title of the film and the screenplay. The songs are very limited and suitable to the storyline

    Acting:10/10 Direction:8/10 Screenplay:7/10 Storyline:8/10 Dialogues and one-liners: 8/10 Music and BGM: 8/10


  6. I personally believe that Mani Ratnam's last movie was Guru. Either he has forgotten direction or earlier works were not his.

    Really he has run out of ideas and creativity, which is the very basis of art.

    This movie has got a very poor screenplay and story telling. You will see the difference, when you watch the original version of the korean movie "New World". For the production house, Dubbing the original would have been a better idea.

    If you are crazy about the star cast and cannot resist, wait for its digital telecast in next 1 week. It can't sustain beyond that.

  7. Weak story patched with some camera works,worst screenplay,songs are composed at unnecessarily its really been irritating.Character plantation totally trash,This movie is example for how not to make a gangster movie like this.director knows how to fool the tamil audience perfectly.Normal audience will definitely like this movie but those who are watching movie based on story, it will be a great disappointment.

  8. Chekka Chivantha Vaanam – We are sitting here simply dissecting movies from their trailers but Mani Ratnam sits back and laughs at us from another dimension.

    Not a typical Mani Ratnam classic but looks like he has understood the current trend of audience well and used every actor to the best of their strengths. Felt that a few scenes could've been made more tense though and that the suspense factor was lagging at some places. ARR's rocking songs used as BG made it more involving. The ending was little predictable but gave goosebumps due to the moral justified. Can watch this movie any number of times for Vj Se's witty, natural acting as in all his other movie (such a gift to Thamizh Cinema). Kudos to the legend Santhosh Sivan as well for continuing to 'enligthen' every single movie he's part of. Finally to top it, the dialogues in this movie were way better than last few Mani Ratnam outings. Hope he continues his mastercraft from here!!

  9. 4 major stars plus a few more are squeezed into a 140 minute timeline.

    Most of them have moments which they own but it doesn't make them full characters. This would have worked better as a longer film with them being etched better.

    Still, this is a decent film. Arvind Swami sort of wades through a unsurprising first half and comes into his own as the action builds up. Jothika gets exactly one terrific scene. Vijay Sethupathi is very good but he is one of those who suffers from a slightly incomplete characterisation. Arun Vijay and Simbu are ok in their roles.

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